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According to a statement from the UNO, there are nine hundred million people on the planet without access to drinkable water. A frequently asked question is, ‘ Isn’t it against Human Rights to not have sufficient access to clean drinking water?’ The answer is ‘Yes’. A better question would be ‘ How can this Human Right violation be fixed? ‘ There are several ways for the systematic realization of improvement to come about.

A significant contribution to this has been done by Diplom-Kaufmann Eckehard Krah (Ph.D. Student at the Chair for Innovation- and Competence Management from University Professor Dr. Gustav Bergmann) as part of his Dissertation at the Faculty 3 at the University of Siegen. There, he developed a product for the autarkic treatment of water in a closed innovation process, what became to a less favorable solution.

Mr. Krah showed in his Dissertation, that the Survivability Systems are best secured when the traditional, closed innovation strategies are introduced. New solutions also need to be explored. A new direction towards the Customers needs should be the next route. Traditional ways, such as the mass production of single items, are generally not sustainable as each Customers need may be different. A newer way may end up being faster as it connects with the personal need of all Customers.

In his subject of investigation, Mr. Krah chose an inter-disciplinary as an International approach. His studies went from Stockholm, Sweden to the United Arabic Emirates to his home-base on the Roof of the University of Siegen. At the home-base, he is still doing investigations in a long term field test study about the extraction of drinking water from available, but unclean water. In addition to the technical parts, the investigations by Mr. Krah includes an International Competence Team. The cooperation and the Pros and Cons were emphasized, as they often occur in open developmental processes. Open Innovation is not only known as a fast and competent Management, it can also shorten development processes. There are more problems which need a huge amount of coordination, cooperation and competence from the Participants, so that the Innovation Process may be made successful.

Included in the investigations about the autarkic cleaning of raw water through solar energy were investigations about the mineralization of the distilled water that became drinkable water. These steps and some solutions were described in the Chair for Chemie (Faculty 4) in a State exam Work. Also, there was an investigation about the Wind resistance and the slight flowing behaviour of the Distillers. Mr. Krah was co-supervisor and Contact Person for the Students concerning the Bachelor Thesis. The Results were presented at the official Opening of the FLEX Science Forum together with Dr. Jur. Johann Peter Schäfer and Johannes Remmel, Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia and other professors from various disciplines, as well as the public.


Universität Siegen
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Diplom-Kaufmann Eckehard Krah
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